Acton Gardens Community Board meeting - September 2020

About this Event 

The Acton Gardens Community Board is the formal resident involvement structure between the residents of Acton Gardens/ South Acton and L&Q, Countryside and Ealing Council. 

The Community Board oversees the regeneration of the South Acton by: 

•Providing feedback on the regeneration. 

•Ensuring there is continued community involvement. 

•Encouraging participation from groups currently under-represented. 

•Allocating Community Chest funding for local projects. 

•Attending quarterly meetings. 

•Attending tours, training, sub groups and consultation events for feedback. 

•Reviewing literature, communications and messages circulated to the community 

All residents are encouraged to come and have their say. 

If you wish to be an observer at the next Community Board meeting please contact Serena Mann on or 020 8189 0264

Limited spaces available to be an observer so please book on now to avoid any disappointment.

Please note this meeting will be taking place on MS Teams.

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