Community Board

The Acton Gardens Community Board is the formal resident involvement structure between the residents of Acton Gardens and South Acton and L&Q, Countryside and Ealing Council.

The Community Board oversees the regeneration of the South Acton by:

  • Providing feedback on the regeneration.
  • Ensuring there is continued community involvement.
  • Encouraging participation from groups currently under-represented.
  • Allocating Community Chest funding for local projects.
  • Attending quarterly meetings.
  • Attending tours, training, sub groups and consultation events for feedback.
  • Reviewing literature, communications and messages circulated to the community.

Community Board Dates

The latest Acton Gardens Community Board Meeting was held on: 

Monday 10th June 2024 from 6pm till 8.15pm at the Acton Gardens Community Centre.

The next Acton Gardens Community Board Meeting will be held on:

Monday 9th of September 2024 from 6pm till 8.15 pm at Acton Gardens Community Center. Residents are welcome to attend the meeting to observe proceedings.

Community Board 2024 Election Outcome 

Every year we give residents the opportunity to nominate themselves to join the Acton Gardens Community Board. 

The results of the Elections for Resident Board members were announced at the Annual General meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 13th February 2024 and we are pleased to welcome 5 new members to the Community Board! 

Natalie Chama, Daniel Alves, Angela Ballesteros, Nordeen Fahmy and Keith Smith will be joining existing Board members Matthew Hemes (Chair), Ali Abdullahi, Adham Aloka, Natalie Russel-Wall, Untza Sale, Janet Coker and Slobodan Vuckovic. With backgrounds ranging from sustainability and education to mental health and wellbeing, to housing regeneration and community development. We’re really excited about our new members will bring to the work of the Community Board in 2024!  

If you would you have any questions or would like to contact the Community Board, please Click Here.                                                          

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