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The regeneration of South Acton began in 1999 following consultation with residents about the condition of their homes. In 2011, Ealing Council selected Acton Gardens LLP, a collaboration between housing association L&Q and house-builder Countryside Properties, to manage the regeneration project, delivering thousands of genuinely affordable new homes in the borough. The scheme involves demolishing existing council-built homes and replacing them with new homes for social rent, shared ownership, shared equity, outright sale and private rent, which will be managed by L&Q. The regeneration will also provide new community facilities, shops and modern, improved green spaces and play areas.

This page will explain what the regeneration plans mean for you as a secure council tenant living at South Acton. This includes the moving process, timescales and options for your new home. All the information on this page is also available to download and print by clicking here.

Key Steps

During the regeneration of South Acton, residents will need to move out of their existing homes and into their new homes in phases so that old blocks can be demolished and new homes can be built. It is not possible to move everyone off the South Acton estate at the same time, knock it all down, build new homes and then move everyone back in again. This is because there are no spare empty council homes in Ealing for people to live in temporarily.

Instead, we are phasing works by moving residents into a new-build block and then demolishing the old block where they used to live. Then, more new homes are built on the site of the old block. When this new block is completed, tenants from another block move in and their old block is then demolished. This means most people will only have to move once – straight from their current home to their new home.

Ealing Council will start your rehousing process approximately two years ahead of the demolition of your property. As a secure council tenant, you will have the option to either stay and move into a new L&Q property or move elsewhere in the borough to another council or housing association property. We are here to support you through the whole process from allocations to moving to your new home and are available to answer any questions you may have. All of our contact details can be found here.

Moving process: 

Step 1: housing needs surveys 

Step 2: moving options

Step 3: home allocations

Step 4: moving home 

Step 5: home loss and disturbance payments

Housing needs and options 

Housing needs survey: 

Approximately two years before your property is demolished, Ealing Council will ask you to complete an online housing needs survey. The council will use your survey results to ensure that you are allocated a home that is the right size and to identify any special adaptations that may be needed in your new home. Help will be available if you need it.

Moving options:

Making the right choice for you and your family is very important and the council and L&Q are here to help.  In your housing needs survey you will be given two options:

1. Move into one of the new L&Q homes at Acton Gardens

If there is a new home suitable for you, it will be allocated to you according to your needs and the requirements outlined in this booklet. The new L&Q homes are built to modern building standards and have efficient layouts, maximising bedroom and living spaces, rooms that are sensibly designed and easy to furnish, storage and utility areas to free-up kitchen and living spaces and are designed to the Lifetime Homes Standard allowing your home to be adapted in the future to meet your changing needs.

The rent levels are set using the GLA London Affordable Rent model which is based on the old target rent levels and is much lower than the previous affordable rent levels in Ealing. 

2. Move away from South Acton into an Ealing Council or housing association home elsewhere

If you chose to do this you will be given a high priority banding with LOCATA, the council’s choice-based lettings system. Through LOCATA you can bid for another home in Ealing. We can help you bid if you don’t have access to the internet or are not confident using computers.

Tenant choices

If you decide to move to a new L&Q home on Acton Gardens, you will be allocated a specific home that suits your needs whilst it is still being built. This allows you time to make choices about things like the kitchen units, wall and carpet colours. You will be able to watch your new home being built and visit your home before you move in as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Temporary moves:

The majority of residents who chose to stay will simply move from their present home into their newly built home. However, a few people may need to temporarily move into another council home on South Acton, or elsewhere in Ealing, until a suitable new home is built in a later phase in the regeneration programme.

Home allocations

As well as completing a housing needs survey, the council will also ask you to register for a housing transfer on its choice-based lettings system LOCATA, if you haven’t already done so. This is the case whether you want to move to one of the newly built homes or to another council property elsewhere. This is done online at   

Home allocations will be made using the following guidelines:

• One to three bedroom flats will usually go to single people, couples and smaller families

• Maisonettes will usually go to families

• Houses will usually go to families with three or more children

• Lower floor flats will usually go to older residents or those with special medical needs.

Allocations policy:

The size (number of bedrooms) of the new home you will be offered is decided by the council’s allocations team. Under current Government regulations, the following are expected to share a bedroom:

• An adult couple

• Two children under 16 of the same sex

• Two children under 10, regardless of sex.

The following can have their own bedroom:

• A single adult (16 or over)

• A child that would normally share but shared bedrooms are already taken (for example, you have three children and two already share)

• Children who can’t share because of a disability or medical condition

• A non-resident overnight carer for you or your partner (but only if they must stay overnight).

Different rules are in place for foster carers. To find out more, please contact us.  

Spare bedrooms and housing benefit:

If you receive housing benefit and are applying for an additional bedroom, you will be affected by the Government’s tax on spare bedrooms, also known as the bedroom tax or under-occupancy charge. Ealing Council and L&Q can reject any application for an additional bedroom if it is felt that you may be unable to afford it.


If you are downsizing to a smaller property (for example from a three bed to a two bed) you can get an allowance for each bedroom given up. For more information on downsizing payments, please contact us.

Allocating new homes:

The council will allocate homes after considering tenants’ housing needs. It will use number of bedrooms, medical issues, family requirements and older people’s provision as criteria. Where there is more than one household requesting the same home, priority will be determined by taking the following into account:

• Tenancy start date at South Acton – the longer you have been a tenant at South Acton, the higher priority you will get

• Larger households will be allocated larger homes. For example, a two parent, two children household will be allocated a bigger two-bed home than a single parent with one child

• Medical needs, but only if a particular type of home is required for a health condition

• Age of oldest tenant, but only if a particular type of home is required that would assist an elderly person - for example, a ground floor flat.


If you choose to move to one of the new L&Q homes at Acton Gardens and you currently have a pet, you may keep it when you move into your new L&Q home. 

If you choose to move to a council property away from South Acton and you currently have a pet, you may be able to keep it when you move. You should contact the council’s regeneration team to discuss this.

Once you have moved, you must get the permission from L&Q or Ealing Council (whichever is your landlord) to keep a new pet of any type at your home. The keeping of a dog is always limited to one dog, which must be microchipped, neutered, and always wear a collar with an ID tag.

Anti-social behaviour, drug using / dealing and squatters

Tenants with a recorded history of anti-social behaviour or drug dealing/using will be given a low priority. Squatters will not get an allocation.

Moving home

Once you have been allocated a new home either at Acton Gardens or elsewhere in Ealing, we will organise and support you through your move to your new home. 

Support with your move: 

We will ensure that you get the following:

•    Help to make sure you understand the moving process

•    A full moving service from our reliable removals company

•    A home visit from the removals company a couple of months before your move 

•    Boxes and tape delivered to your property ahead of your move

•    A packing service if you have a medical condition or support needs and do not have friends or family to help

•    The dismantling and reassembling of your furniture where required

•    Support to transfer your gas, electricity and other utilities accounts if you have a medical condition or support needs and do not have family and friends to help

•    Your appliances disconnected and reinstalled by qualified technicians

•    Your home loss and disturbance payments will be processed promptly, normally within six to eight weeks. 

Getting ready for your move: 

While getting ready for your move, you and your household will need to organise the following: 

•    Contact your phone, internet and satellite providers two to four weeks before you move to arrange to have these services transferred

•    Dispose of all items of rubbish. If you have large bulky items that you do not want, you can leave them in your old home, but you must tell the council that you have done so

•    Contact your gas, electricity and water suppliers to tell them that you are moving and to provide final meter readings

•    If you are doing your own packing, you should be completely packed before the removal company arrive

•    Return your old keys to the council by midday on the Monday after you have moved.  This is very important, as you could be charged an extra week's rent otherwise. 

Welcome to L&Q:

If you have chosen to move to one of the new homes at Acton Gardens, you will receive a welcome visit and home induction with L&Q either before or shortly after you move in.  L&Q will show you where all your utilities and appliances are located and how they are operated. You will also be provided with a home user guide with full instructions for everything in your home.

Home loss and disturbance payments

Home loss:

You will get a home loss payment as long as you have lived in your home for at least one year before you move. The figure is set by the Government and the amount may increase or decrease each year. To find out the current figure, please contact us. If you have any rent arrears or other debts to the council, they will be deducted from your home loss payment.

Disturbance payments:

The council will also cover agreed costs incurred as a result of moving with a disturbance payment. This payment covers the cost of:

• Disconnection and reconnection of appliances

• Redirection of mail for six months

• Reconnection of phone, internet and satellites 

• An allowance towards carpets and curtains (this allowance will not apply to the new homes being built by L&Q if carpets and blinds have been provided)

• Moving any adaptations in your home in conjunction with an occupational therapist assessment

• Removals (if you chose to use your own company)

• Dismantling or reassembling furniture

• Loss of wages (one tenant for up to two days unpaid leave. You will need to produce evidence of loss of earnings on company headed note paper from your employer)

• School uniform if a change of school is needed

• Any other reasonable expense incurred due to moving.

Disturbance payments can only be paid on the production of a receipt or invoice marked paid from a VAT registered company. Where something costs more than £50, we will need three quotes, unless it is a fixed cost (for example a BT connection charge). Payments will be made to you by cheque. If you are in any doubt whether the council will cover an expense with a disturbance payment, please speak to the Ealing Council regeneration team before committing to the cost.

Your new tenancy: secure and assured

The new homes at Acton Gardens will be managed by L&Q with assured tenancies.  Your current tenancy with Ealing is a secure tenancy.  The differences between the two types of tenancy are explained below: 

Secure council tenant

Assured L&Q tenant


Accountable through elected councillors and other participation arrangements

Accountable through a board and other participation arrangements

Right of succession

Applies to spouses, including civil partners who have lived in the property for at least 12 months. Close relatives are also included if your tenancy started before April 2012

Applies to spouse, including civil partner, or close relative who has lived in the property for at least 12 months

Right to Buy


Yes - you will have Right to Acquire, which works in a similar way to Right to Buy

Right to carry out improvements

Yes – with landlord’s consent

Yes – with landlord’s consent

Right to compensation for (certain)


Yes – with landlord’s consent

Yes – with landlord’s consent

Right to consultation

The 1985 Housing Act provides the right to be consulted on major changes to the

way your home is managed

Yes – no changes will be made to the

way your home is managed without consulting you

Right to exchange

Yes – with landlord’s consent

Yes – with landlord’s consent

Right to manage


L&Q is required to consult and involve all tenants in the decisions that are likely to affect you. There are many ways you

can get involved in the running of L&Q

Right to repair

Yes – in law

Yes – a clause in the tenancy agreement

Right to take in lodgers or sub-let

Yes – with landlord’s consent

Yes – with landlord’s consent

Security of tenure

Yes – in law

Yes – in law

Sheltered residents

Accommodation exclusively for people over the age of 55 will be built at Acton Gardens. If you are a sheltered housing resident, you will have the option to move to the new over 55’s accommodation, or other Ealing Council-managed sheltered accommodation within the borough. In some cases, extra care accommodation may also be available. 

For further information please contact the Ealing Council regeneration team 

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