South Acton Estate Regeneration: Phase 9.3,5&6 Demolition Update

From March 2024, Acton Gardens LLP, the developer for the Acton Gardens Estate Regeneration, will be commencing demolition of Jerome Tower and Osborne House. Demolition of these buildings is estimated to take around 6 months and will enable the developer to begin construction of the next phases of the South Acton Estate Regeneration.

The LLP would like to take this opportunity to provide you with a breakdown of the methods that its contractors will be implementing throughout the demolition phase to minimise the impact on you, the residents of Acton Gardens. They are:

  • Scaffolding encapsulated with Monarflex sheeting will be erected along the south and east elevations of Osbourne House to protect the surrounding roads, pavements and buildings from demolition debris.
  • Dust suppression equipment units will be used throughout the demolition process at both high and low levels to suppress any dust produced by the works.
  • Scaffolding encapsulated with Monarflex sheeting will be erected around the entirety of Jerome Tower prior to demolition of the building structure.
  • Dust and vibration monitoring equipment will be in place throughout the demolition process.

Please note that there will be an increase in construction traffic on the site during the construction phase along Osbourne Road. Actions will be taken to reduce the build up of dust on the estate roads caused by the demolition works.

Further progress updates on the demolition of the buildings in Phase 9.3,5&6, and in relation to the beginning of the construction phase, will be provided in future issues of the community newsletter.

If you have any further questions or concerns relating to the above, please feel free to contact Countryside Partnership's Community Liaison Officer on the number below:

Katherina Robinson

Community Liaison Officer

Countryside Partnerships

M; 07867 195118 


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