Visit from Tokyo Metropolitan Government

We had the Disaster Management Section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in to learn more about Acton Gardens and how the regeneration project has been managed at South Acton.

The local government in Tokyo are looking to improve services to their 12 million citizens. The surrounding areas of central Tokyo are made up of close-set wooden houses and there are major problems such as the possibility of collapse, urban fires and earthquakes.

They are looking to regenerate these areas by developing more robust buildings and constructing roads, parks and secure open spaces.

A group of four Tokyo government representatives met with L&Q, Ealing and Countryside to discuss how the project works, the roles of all the partners and how residents have been involved and engaged in the process. The Tokyo delegation presented us with Japanese confectionary and in return the Acton Gardens team presented our visitors with tote bags filled with goodies from all the partners.

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