VOTE NOW for your new Community Board Members

Ahead of the upcoming Acton Gardens Community Board's Annual General Meeting (AGM), we asked residents to nominate themselves to the vacancies on the board.

We've received 7 applications for the 5 vacancies and now we need YOU to vote for who you want to represent you on the Acton Gardens Community Board.

Please read the applications below and then visit our voting page here to pick your favourites. The vote will close at midnight on Sunday 11th February, and the results will be announced at the AGM on Tuesday 13th February 2024.  

Angela Ballesteros:

I am looking to make a change towards a more sustainable community. The community can be a successful example by actively promoting partnerships and collaborating with stakeholders to help achieve established sustainability goals.

In my current job I lead sustainability programs, focused on achieving environmental impact reduction and accurate reporting.  I will create and implement projects related to energy conservation and better waste management. My background includes environmental compliance, project management and corporate sustainability.

Daniel Alves:

Dear Acton Gardens Community Board Members,

My name is Daniel Alves, and I am writing to express my interest in joining the Acton Gardens Community Board as a Board Member. I have lived in the South Acton estate, for over 30 years, providing me with a unique perspective on the area's evolution over time.

I have not only witnessed the changes in South Acton but also experienced the community's growth and transformation. I believe this long-standing connection allows me to understand the needs and concerns of residents, particularly those moving into this new phase in Acton Gardens.

In terms of professional experience, I have dedicated over 10 years to the mental health field. My background includes working in schools, charities, the NHS, and the private sector. This diverse experience has equipped me with valuable skills in communication, empathy, and problem-solving – qualities I believe are crucial for effective community engagement.

Beyond my professional endeavours, I have been actively involved in community service through Living Bread Fellowship Church for over a decade. During this time, I have been ordained as a deacon, demonstrating my commitment to serving others and fostering a sense of community. This involvement has allowed me to engage with diverse groups, understand various perspectives, and contribute to the well-being of the community.

I am passionate about the Acton Gardens area, and I want to actively contribute to its ongoing regeneration. Joining the Community Board presents an opportunity to use my skills and experiences to ensure that resident voices are heard, community needs are addressed, and the development aligns with the aspirations of the people living here.

I am enthusiastic about the chance to attend quarterly meetings, participate in tours, training, subgroups, and consultation events. Additionally, I am eager to collaborate with the Regeneration Team to plan and deliver community events throughout the year.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to the Acton Gardens Community Board and being a voice for the residents.


Daniel Alves

Keith Smith

I moved to Acton Gardens in August 2023. As a new resident, I see this opportunity first and foremost as a means to start meeting new people in my new community. In the contemporary world, it is far too easy to become insulated and isolated from the communities we live in. I would like to find myself something that forces me to engage with my community in a more structured and systematic manner. I think this opportunity as a Board member fits that very well.

Secondly, this is my first property, if shared ownership. I have rented in various places over the last twenty-five years. This is my first ‘home’. Consequently, I am very passionate about my first home, the community and the wider area. I would very much like to demonstrate that passion by working for my home, community and wider area. I want to be part of a team that will make South Acton/Acton Gardens a thriving and friendly community. I think I would make an excellent contribution to the Board. In my professional level, I have thirteen years’ experience of higher education, with a specific focus on widening participation and student support. I reckon the communication skills, empathy and organisation skills I can bring to the team would be beneficial.

Moreover, I am well educated with a solid basis of general knowledge (my academic background is in politics). I also believe that these skills will allow me to contribute to the work of the Board. Finally, I enjoy helping people and see this disposition as being necessary to the work of the Board.

Many thanks for your consideration.

With very best wishes,


Natalie Chama:

I would like to become a member of the resident board because I am a currently a resident over the last 15 years and have a repertoire of experience within education that can help elevate the development of the board within the activities and the overall enrichment of community activities around South Acton Estate. .

As a former English and Drama graduate, I have worked in the education sector for the past ten years. Also, I have partaken in community work around South Acton as a volunteer/facilitator in my subject of study through literature and the arts.

I am currently an online tutor for GCSE English and can offer a lot of insight on the best projects that can help our young people with their creative writing skills and overall well being in the literacy arts.

Therefore, I am passionate about education and I want to transfer this to help with the significant decisions that need to be implemented in the school. This will help me as a member of the resident board to provide a lot of insight into what is best for the community Ultimately, I just want to share my love for literature and the arts to help young people within the community reach their full potential and help South Acton strive for excellence

Nordeen Fahmy:

Dear all,

It’s my pleasure to express interest in becoming a Resident Board Member of Acton Gardens Community Board.

Having lived in social housing in the Ladbroke Grove area for all my life up until moving to Acton Gardens in recent years, I am truly passionate about the role that landlords have in improving the quality of life for its residents, and I have significant lived experience in relation to social housing and regeneration. I see being a part of the Community Board as an opportunity to champion the resident voice, work with the housing providers and council to improve services for all residents, as well as innovate new ways to support the community. As someone who has a young family who will grow up on Acton Gardens, I want to be able to support more positive change within the area.

From a skills and experience standpoint, I have a diverse career background in housing, regeneration, community development, resident engagement, employment, skills, enterprise, and sustainability. In more recent years I have used this experience to help the North Kensington community (of which I am also), leading on the co-design and community development programmes for social housing estates in the area. This role requires me to have an adaptable, collaborative, and highly sensitive approach to working with residents and stakeholders, and I am proud to have helped to achieve high levels of resident involvement in the co-design of an estate-wide refurbishment programme, as well as securing significant grant funding to deliver a range of support programmes for the community that I grew up in.

In recent years, my passion for making a difference has also led me to being involved as a Governor within adult education and I am currently a Non-Executive Director for a Community Interest Company which supports local people into Living Wage paying roles within horticulture and estate services.

Thanks for your consideration,


Raymond Moll:

I previously served on the board and on the Community Chest sub-committee but recent commitments prevented me from participation but being retired am now able to give full attention to serve should I be accepted.

I was born in Shepherds Bush, raised in Hanwell and educated at Hobbayne School, Drayton Manor Grammar and Brunel. In my career I have had in depth experience of cooperation with major organisations such as L&Q which would enable me to best serve residents interests in the community.

We have been resident in Acton Gardens for seven years and our long term future is to remain here.

Tullia Vitturi di Este-Lochra:

I have lived in the South Acton area for the past few years now and the community and what goes on within the area is very important to all residents, including myself. I feel I have many skills which would be of great benefit to the Community Board, and which would help improve the overall image of the area through my creative, innovative, and fair approach that I take in everyday life which is a transferable skill I can add to the Board. 

I also speak 5 languages including - English (Native), Italian (Native), French, German and Spanish. I have seen the area develop through the various ongoing projects and feel it is key that the area of South Acton is seen as one that is changing for the better. I am a confident speaker, who is extremely passionate, and I always put my all into everything that I do. There are also many under-represented groups within the area, and I feel it is important that we hear from these groups and act as best as we can to have an inclusive community that continues to strive. I am also very personable, which is a key skill when being part of such as board and I am looking forward to contributing and giving back to the Community.

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