Acton Gardens comes together to fight coronavirus

Acton Gardens Community Centre is now a drop off point for dry food items every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

Residents at Acton Gardens have pulled together in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, forming a network of volunteers to support elderly and vulnerable members of the community.

When resident Shereen Serry realised that a mutual aid group didn’t exist at Acton Gardens, she set up a Whatsapp group and was amazed when over 150 people joined in the space of a few days.

The group, which is now up and running, works in unison with young people and staff from the Bollo Brook Youth Centre in receiving supplies from the Felix Project. 

The food is dropped off at the Acton Gardens community centre, and then sorted by a small group of volunteers, working carefully to respect social distancing rules. Following this, drivers arrive to collect the supplies, and distribute them locally to people in need.

So far, the group is helping a large number of residents, including elderly people and residents with health or financial difficulties.

Shereen and the group have ambitions to go further and are planning a food service with chefs preparing meals in advance for people. They are also in talks with local shops about additional food donations.

Shereen Serry said, “The community has really come together at such a frightening time. We know there are many elderly and vulnerable neighbours amongst us and we want everyone to feel they have someone they can reach out to. Together we can achieve so much.’’

If you know a vulnerable resident that would benefit from this service at Acton Gardens, please just call or text Shereen on 07802 343 145.

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