Acton Gardens Community Centre | Annual Social Impact Report

Acton Gardens Community Centre Social Impact Report 

Acton Gardens Community Centre (AGCC) serves residents living in Acton Gardens and beyond, and is currently managed by the London Development Trust. The Centre helps our residents fight social and economic isolation and supports the community to improve their physical and mental health so that they can lead healthier and happier lives.

Throughout the year, London Development Trust as been monitoring and evaluating projects run from the Centre to enable us to assess the impacts of projects and services run from the Centre has made on the community. We've listed some of the findings below to give you an insight into the great things they've been doing, and uploaded the full report to this page.

AGCC has delivered various new projects and events to the community since April 2023, including:

  • Boxercise women’s fitness and self-defence classes – two classes per week, led by a champion winning female boxer, these sessions are low cost and very popular. 
  • Community iftars – Welcomed over 1000 people, providing a rich variety of food to bring all sectors of the community together in cultural celebration. 
  • Community fridge – ran for 50 weeks between April 2023 and April 2024
  • Free yoga classes – available to community members, sessions are well attended. 
  • Stay & play sessions – started in February 2024 in collaboration with Daniels’ Den.
  • Art exhibitions – installed an art exhibition of work by young people, which helps showcase the art of local artists.

Some of the key results of these projects include:

  • 2000 food packages given to vulnerable residents.
  • 400 volunteering hours.
  • 4 regular volunteers.
  • 6 free and low-cost activities for the community.
  • 845 project beneficiaries.
  • 30 hours of staff training. 

AGCC Community Fridge Spotlight: Between April 2023 and April 2024, AGCC volunteers worked in collaboration with the Felix Project and distributed around 30 food parcels to residents, each week. With every parcel worth around £30 of groceries, this project has been crucial in combatting food poverty amongst residents. 

AGCC Key Stats for 23/24:

  • Average weekly visitors: 40 new and 150-200 returning residents.
  • Community Fridge: 2000 food packages delivered. 4 regular volunteers.
  • Average number of free classes per week: 4
  • Boxing – 2 classes per week – 10 regular attendees.
  • Average hours of space hire per week – 179

If you'd like any more information about AGCC or come along and volunteer/visit the Centre, please contact the Regeneration Coordinators at Acton Gardens. Georgia Metzger and Molly Purcell or email, or London Development Trust at 

AGCC Social Impacts Report 2024 final draft.pdf

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