Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM for this year took place on 5th December 2019.

All residents were invited to attend this annual event which was held in Acton Gardens Community Centre.

Prior to the annual meeting residents had been contacted regularly about the AGM. 

Residents were informed and encouraged to consider and nominate themselves for one of the six positions as a Board Member. The AGM formally selected residents who had nominated themselves for the posts of Board Member.

The Community Board makes a real difference to the regeneration of South Acton. The Board currently meets every quarter to discuss a variety of topics including future phase design consultations, current construction updates, communications strategies and the allocations of funds to community projects.

This year there were 10 applicants for the six vacant Board Member positions. The residents who attended the event and those eligible to vote were provided with each candidate’s application form and voting forms. After, each candidate was asked to provide a summary in support of their application to become a member. The matter was put forward to a formal vote by residents and Board Members.

As well as the election process there was a presentation updating residents on the Regeneration Programme in Acton Gardens. The presentation provided by L&Q, Countryside & Ealing Council highlighted the achievements and current and future proposals for Acton Gardens. 

After refreshments were enjoyed the evening then proceeded on to the election process carried out by those present and authorised to cast a vote.

Elected Board Members

  • Janet Coker

  • Cathyann Thomas

  • Kerron Lezama

  • Slobodan Vuckovic

  • Raymond Moll Charles

  • Maria Ashcroft

Congratulations to the elected members whom we look forward to joining the Board and contributing their feedback and energy to the future ongoing regeneration of Acton Gardens.

We would like to thank all residents who contributed and particularly those that put themselves forward for the role of Board Members. The ideas and contributions of resident and elected Board Members are a valuable and useful part of the consultation process which helps shapes communities and build homes for all.

AGM Presentation:


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