Community Board: Vote for your new resident members of the Acton Gardens Community Board

As part of the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Acton Gardens Community Board, we asked residents to nominate themselves to the vacancies on the board.
We received 7 applications for the 4 vacancies and now we need you to vote for who you want to sit on the Acton Gardens Community Board.

Please read the applications below and then visit our voting page to pick your favourites. The vote will close at 5pm on Wednesday 1st December and the results will be announced at the meeting on Thursday 2nd December 2021.

Abdullahi Ali:

I am a part of Acton Youth Association I have been running my own organization for over 7 years. I have lived in South Acton (Acton gardens) my whole life and as I have been in the community I have become a part of the community. I have been a board member for 3 years in a row which I have participated a lot to the community due to the fact I have rejoiced being a part of the board.

I would love to restand as the resident board member as I believe I have been the voice for our community I make sure I listen and feed back to the board in what needs to be done to improve or move forward from what the residents are yearning.

Restanding will mean so much to me as I have really enjoyed being a part of Acton community board members and I really do wish that in the upcoming years that Acton garden will make huge progress and I just want to be a part of that.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be the voice of our community and I hope you consider having me still be a board member.

Ian Gallosi

I’m a local who moved to the estate in 2017 at the completion of phase 3.2. Before this I lived in South Ealing for 10 years and so the borough, especially this part of it really feels like home. The redevelopment of South Acton has enabled me to get my foot on the property ladder through the Shared Ownership Scheme.

I want to more actively contribute to the community by joining the Community Board, sharing feedback and representing residents at the quarterly meetings as the regeneration continues. The regeneration has generated big improvements for the area, the condition of housing for the original residents and the opportunity for many people like me to buy their first home. There are elements that have been more challenging that many residents have faced and I would relish the opportunity tossed and provide resident opinion and feedback to L&Q, Ealing Council and other stakeholders as the development continues to evolve.

I’m a Project Manager in my day job, and combined with an additional responsibility to represent colleagues at quarterly meetings with our Board of Directors, I feel I have the skills and experience that I could put to good use through active contribution as part of the Community Board.

Khalilullah Azami:

I wish to nominate myself to the community board. If you vote for me, although due to the coronavirus we could not attend physically the meetings, but I wish to continue my involvement as a member in view to be there for anything that benefits for my community support. I thank the members, the staff of the board meetings for good well management and good discipline, carrying out the meetings. God bless you all if you are still interested to vote for my presence in future alongside yours. 

Natalie Russell-Wall

I find myself living in one of the wonderful new blocks and struggle to pass on feedback as the Property Management is overwhelmed with their tasks. They have simply too many buildings to look after. And what better way to inform L&Q than by joining the Community Board.

About me: I’m a Finance Manager at Oneworld Publications - a publishing company. I’m married and have 2 teenage children. I have been interested in making sure things work well for all tenants in our block. I’ve already managed to improve security in our block by making L&Q install extra cameras. There is still a lot that needs to be addressed and I feel like no one wants this responsibility, so I’m happy to step in and do my best.

Nicolo D’Anzi

As a recent joiner to Acton I am keen to get involved in the local community to represent my fellow residents and provide a fresh and different perspective. I am pro-active in group environments and believe I could be a valuable asset to the community through my involvement on the board.

I have already engaged with other local residents on various matters and would leverage my current outreach to communicate what the board can do for residents while obtaining feedback and ideas from them also.

My experience living in many different and diverse communities over the years can be brought to the table for idea and project origination. I can also offer an analytical and project management-based approach to the various issues to be considered by the board and act as a mediator between opposing views by bringing balance and creative alternatives that consider differing stakeholders’ goals.

In essence, I want to get involved to effect positive change, ensure marginalised voices are heard, support the continuous development of the local area, foster community cohesion, and play a role in progressing and rolling out community-led initiatives.

Tasmine Magloire

I have always had an interest in community projects, advocacy, social cohesion and I am a community physical activity champion. I have shown this by being a member of Brabazon Road Committee as a fund raiser and event planner. I was also on Big Local -Heston West Committee, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I went on many courses and learn about managing community projects and groups. To facilitate projects, I resigned from the committee and was able to secure funding for girls dance and acro, the Queen's Jubilee community party along with a Caribbean style barbeque for the community to enjoy. I have facilitated many community initiatives voluntarily and without funding including fitness classes and walking clubs.

Currently recovering from Chemotherapy my professional back ground is Fitness, Dance and Media Visuals. To add, I worked as a freelancer for Sure Start Hounslow as the Food Box project manager which provided low-cost fruit and veg for super output areas.

I have lived in Acton since Aug 2019 and was moved here straight from the hospital whilst having Chemotherapy. Although I have faced my challenges and have no family I have managed to integrate into the community and into different social groups either physically or on line. I have joined campaigns such as the Act One Cinema development and assisted a fitness group in developing their social media presence and funding opportunities. I believe with my experience, professionalism and enthusiasm I would be a great candidate for the committee.

For enjoyment, I help facilitate the Nottinghill Carnival by creating costumes and choreography for Mas Bands.

Untza Sale

Property owner and resident in Acton Gardens.

Born in Spain, lived in Ealing Borough since 1989.

Attended University College London (BA) and The Institute of Education (Master). Currently a Company director of a language training company and previously language training advisor at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

As a permanent resident I believe I can represent the interests of fellow residents in communicating our interests, opinions and recommendations to the ABCB. I’m currently helping to form a Tenants’ Association and since moving to Acton Gardens I have made an effort in being involved in the Community.

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