Bell Music Academy

Wild! invited families with children of all ages to share their best animal sounds and sing along with a troupe of performing musicians. 

Bell Music Academy put on this extravaganza of singing, storytelling and music making exclusively for residents of South Acton and Acton Gardens. 

As attendees arrived, they were invited to try their hand at playing drums, xylophones and chimes at Bell’s interactive booth. 

The afternoon was attended by over 60 residents hooting, roaring and humming along to familiar songs like the Circle of Life, Carnival of the Animals, Nellie the Elephant & Teddy Bears Picnic. 

For a brief period, the sounds of this musical menagerie could be heard echoing throughout the Acton Gardens Community Centre! 

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Wild! a free concert for kids & families, was held in the new Acton Garden’s Community Centre on Saturday, June 29th.

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