PoGo Arts Ltd-PoGo Easter Performing Arts Workshop

PoGo Arts Ltd delivered a series of Performing Arts Workshops which was run during the second week of the Easter half-term break.   

The Pogo Easter Performing Arts Workshops were geared towards children between the ages of 7 and 11 years old (Key Stage 2). Various activities were delivered to be fun and interactive for the children from the local community. The workshops introduced the children to mask, and puppet work based in Commedia dell'arte, which is an early form of professional theatre, originating from Italian theatre. The art form was centered around masks, dance, minimalism, improvisation, and physical theatre. 

On the final day, children were taken out of the area to watch a theatre performance, so that they could see everything that they learnt, put to use in a live production. 

Overall, children enjoyed themselves and loved the fun aspect brought to the workshops and learning new skills such as puppetry, character work, tableaux, singing, dance routine and many other elements packed into the programme.

The project had a very positive impact on the South Acton and Acton Gardens Community.

All of the parents were extremely happy to have a safe space to send their children during the Easter holidays and the opportunity it gave them to interact with others in the community. Children also made new friends and many parents expressed their gratitude and connected with other parents, which helped strengthen community links.

Having been oversubscribed and because of the high turnout, there was a lot of traffic through the Community Centre and all parents and children are keen to attend future programs being delivered by Pogo Arts.

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