United Anglo Caribbean Society's Acton Older Peoples' Community Project

The aims of the Acton Older Peoples Community Project included:

  • To provide opportunities to improve the quality of life for Older People in Acton through togetherness
  • To create an inclusive environment that caters for older people within the community.
  • To celebrate momentous occasions and building a strong community spirit, including events such as the Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022
  • To prioritise the sustainability of services to ensure the wellbeing of the community and prevent isolation.
  • To respond to local needs appropriately by maintaining links with the wider community, including all faith communities, voluntary and statutory bodies.
  • To provide social opportunities for older people, across all cultures, races and in line with the diversity of the borough, to reduce social isolation and loneliness.
  • To provide informative Newsletter for those who are home based or in hospital for a period of time.

UACS advertised their Acton Older Peoples Community Project through a variety of media, such as the Acton Gardens website and newsletter, social media platforms, WhatsApp groups and word of mouth through their existing members.

Despite additional barriers to advertising following the pandemic, such as GPs no longer accepting leaflets, UACS were able to reach a wide range of residents, who have enjoyed a variety of workshops that were added to the UACS schedule of events for the year as a result of the Community Chest funding.

An example of one of the events included a 'Health is Wealth' event, which saw health care professionals responding to questions on public health and in particular African Caribbean health care matters. A pharmacist also attended the event and took blood pressure checks and blood sugar levels, identifying those who needed to seek GP referrals.

Additional outcomes of the project included the enhancement of social interaction, improved physical health, increased cognitive stimulation and supportive services. UACS have found that the impact of the Acton Older Peoples' Community Project has shown just how valuable the service they offer are to the participants and the community, keeping them intellectually engaged in activities they may or may not have experienced before. As a result of the project, UACS have been able to understand the unique needs and preferences and tailor their services to meet those requirements effectively, and they have also seen an increase in the numbers attending the Tuesday sessions and exercise classes which is both stimulating and engaging.

Volunteers have seen how the project has helped elderly people in the community, who may initially have presented as quiet, isolated, or with dementia, for example, gradually relax and engage in the activities provided and become more comfortable with other members. In one instance, a relative of one of the workshop attendees decided to volunteer with UACS after seeing the positive impact they had, which shows the knock on benefits of the funding.

For further information about United Anglo Cariban Society, please Click Here to visit their website, or use the following contact details: 

Phone Number: 020 8843 1147
E-mail: Info@uacs.org.uk

The impact has shown us how valuable the service we offer is to the participants and the Acton community keeping them intellectually engaged in activities they may or may not have experienced before.

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