StayActive4Life LLP-Caring For Carers project, Friendship and Movement classes

The aim of the project was to create a network of appropriate physical activity and social support classes tailored to the needs of local Carers and help them to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing and therefore enable them to continue to make such important contributions to the local community.

To ensure classes were easily accessible and that the project reached those who would benefit, these were delivered locally, in walking distance and in partnership with local organisations such as care homes and charities with established groups.  Partnership organisations included Michael Flanders Centre, Sycamore Lodge Care Home, The Ealing Carers Hub. A promotional video was also created with Michael Flanders Centre to further promote the sessions. 

All sessions  were delivered free of charge and carers could join -

  • Exercise for Carers- at St Marys Church, Acton, Michael Flanders Centre, Sycamore Lodge Care Home and The Ealing Carers Hub.
  • To combating isolation and mental Health services for Carers- a   Caring for Carers Social Club was created and runs in Ealing     Carers Hub, Sycamore Lodge,  Edgecote Close, Acton, W3 8PH on  Thursday mornings from 11:00am.

The Social Club is ongoing with the support of further funding from the Warm Hub. Members can drop in to have a cuppa tea, biscuits and maybe some homemade cakes whilst  knitting, crocheting or other crafting activities available, all free of charge.

The Caring For Carers Social Club prides itself on having an inviting sense of community and togetherness where regulars and newcomers are always made to feel welcome.

For further information about The Caring For Carers Social Club, please contact Aran Summers, Programme Manager, StayActive4Life, Mobile: 07715170207, email

If you care for a family member, neighbour or close friend and need some advice/support, please contact  or call 020 3137 6194.

I heard about the warm space through a newsletter and was intrigued to gain more insight about the cost-of-living crisis and how to save on my bills. I’ve learned how invaluable curtains can be, not just for blocking out light and noise, but also keeping

— Pearl Tucker
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